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Sales and Service For
Fire Trucks, Fire Extinguishers, Ambulances and Emergency Response Vehicles

Federal Safety Equipment Facility

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Recent Deliveries

Federal Safety Equipment is a dealer for Malley Industries, Tri-Star Industries Limited and Metalfab Firetrucks .  

Federal Safety Equipment is a New York State owned and operated business which offers a variety of products and services to meet your needs. Please take a moment and browse our site to find what you need.

Federal Safety Equipment, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years providing emergency and fire personnel with the vehicles and equipment they require as well as providing fire extinguisher sales and service to area homes and businesses. Federal Safety Equipment, Inc. is able to service fire extinguishers and suppression systems on-site and our technicians are NFPA trained and certified.  Our emergency vehicle mechanics are EVT certified and are able to provide service on-site 24/7.  We carry all required insurance.

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Federal Safety Equipment Capability Statement

Certificate of Liability Insurance

EVT Certification

SDVOB Certification

Fire Protection Certification

Local Services To Our Community

If you are local, come on over and see our shop in person. We offer many services to our community, including:

  • drop off - Ship an item via UPS or drop off a package for return with an existing UPS label on it!
  • Moreton's Dry Cleaning drop off/pick up - conveniently drop off your items to be dry cleaned and Moreton's will pick up and return to our store.

Fire Trucks

Metalfab Fire Trucks Metalfab LOGO image

Federal Safety Equipment now offers a variety of fire apparatuses through Metalfab out of Canada.

Metalfab specializes in units custom engineered to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Metalfab products include: Fire Engines image

  • Pumpers
  • Tankers
  • Rescues
  • Mini-Pumpers
  • Other fire related apparatus

We recently were awarded the bid for a fire truck from Metalfab for Vestal.

Check out their website at http://www.metalfabfiretrucks.com/

Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service

Federal Safety Equipment stocks a wide variety of hand held extinguishers for home or business, as well as quick turn around time for special order units (usually within 24-48 hours).

Our extinguishers are manufactured by Buckeye Fire – check out their website at http://www.buckeyefire.com/ Buckeye Fire Equipment LOGO

In addition, Federal Safety inspects extinguishers for businesses and municipalities on an annual or semi-annual basis to fit our customers’ needs.  We service what we sell, so most extinguishers can be serviced, tested, and refilled on site in our service van by our certified technician.  Fire extinguishers can also be brought to our facility for servicing.

We can also provide your employees with OSHA approved training in the use of fire extinguishers. Our technician can come to your workplace and do a demonstration for a nominal fee. Call for a quote.

Federal Safety Equipment also inspects hood systems for restaurants and catering facilities as well as providing “K” extinguishers for these establishments.

We also sell:

  • Extinguisher Signs
  • Extinguisher Covers
  • Extinguisher Cabinets

ABC Extinguisher

ABC Extinguisher

This extinguisher is the most popular among commercial and residential settings for its versatility. This extinguisher is designed to put out multiple kinds of fire including paper, fuel, and electrical fires. The ability to be placed in cold environments adds to its effectiveness. One drawback includes that it is highly corrosive to metal and electronics, thus a different extinguisher may be desired for rooms that house multiple electronics.

Prices (tax, handling, shipping or hazmat charges not included):

2 1/2 lb ABC - $33.00

5 lb ABC - $62.00

10 lb ABC - $85.50

20 lb ABC - $142.00

30 lb ABC Pressurized - $215.00

CO 2 & Halotron Extinguisher

CO 2 & Halotron Extinguisher

CO 2 & Halotron Extinguisher

Both CO 2 and Halotron extinguishers are used in rooms in which a clean agent is desired in case of any type of fire.  Both types of extinguishers are stored as a liquid within its canister until it is discharged. Halotron is another choice for a clean agent to help minimize any electrical damage.  Halotrons need to be checked every six years and the agent needs to be recovered and replaced, whereas a CO 2 does not. Halotrons are Hydro tested every twelve years making this the extinguisher of choice.

Prices (tax, handling, shipping or hazmat charges not included):


5 lb wall - $167.00

10 lb wall - $225.75

15 lb wall - $262.50

20 lb wall - $335.00


2 1/2 lb - $176.50

5 lb - $255.00

11 lb - $525.00

15 1/2 lb - $719.25

"K" Extinguisher

K Extinguisher

This Extinguisher is specially designed for restaurants and is required to accompany all hood systems.  The great ability for these to work with the modern deep fryers, as well as produce rapid extinguishment, is its high point. These extinguishers are NOT a substitute for a hood system and should be used in compliance with any Hood system.  These extinguishers need to be hydro tested every 5 years to be in compliance with NFPA 10.

Prices (tax, handling, shipping or hazmat charges not included):

Kitchen (K) - $205.00

To help better understand the benefits and/or usage of these extinguishers, we highly recommend that you contact us for a training seminar or check out this very informative website: www.fireextinguishertraining.com .    Note: Link opens new browser tab.

Contact us for a free extinguisher service quote.


Malley Industries

Federal Safety Equipment is a dealer for Malley Industries out of New Brunswick, Canada.  Since 1979, Malley Industries has provided vehicle and component solutions to organizations and individuals that carry special commodities, whether transporting equipment, cargo or people and currently manufactures ambulances, wheelchair accessible vehicles, plastic products and specialized commercial fleets for a wide range of clients.

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Ford Transit - Type II

  • Unique contoured interior adds 2" of aisle width over traditional straight wall construction.
  • Offers highest payload capacity than any other ambulance conversion.


Crossover - Type II

  • State-of-the-art ambulance using the spacious Ram ProMaster.
  • Capacity to accommodate a bariatric stretcher.

Ram Promaster Specifications

AISLE Width - 41 1/2"

HEADROOM - 6' 2"

PAYLOAD CAPACITY - Exeeds 2,300 lbs


Highest Payload, Low Cost to Operate, Bariatric Capable, Award-Winning Ambulances

Ford Transit (250) Specifications

AISLE Width - 38 1/4"

HEADROOM - 5' 9"

PAYLOAD CAPACITY - Exeeds 2,300 lbs


Highest Payload, Low Cost to Operate

Pro Master Ram

Pro Master Ram image

Tri-Star Industries.

Federal Safety Equipment is a dealer for Tri-Star Industries Limited who builds a full line up of high quality ambulances. The company also designs and builds specialized trailers, mobile command vehicles, prisoner transporters, and other customized vehicles.

Click here to learn more about Tri-Star Industries.      Note: Link opens new browser tab.

No matter what your budget, Federal Safety Equipment can help you design the unit that meets your needs.
Please contact us for more information.

Available for Immediate Delivery

These units are currently in stock and ready to sell! Call today for a demo.

2017 Ram Promaster


Used Ambulances

“We have no used units available at this time”.


Service And Maintenance

We provide all of your service needs, whether it be at our location or at your station, and anything from On-Spot service to complete pump rebuild. Our EVT trained technicians are trained on all aspects of service.

Check out some of the service programs below:

  • Ambulance Maintenance Program
  • Stryker Stretcher Lift Installations
  • Fire Truck Service Program
  • On-Spot Service Program

Contact our Service Manager, Dan Swartz, for more information on our programs.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Fire Apparatus Sales
  • Ambulance Sales
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service
  • Conversion Vehicle Sales and Service
  • Wheelchair Vans
  • Fire Pump Service and Repair (Hale, Waterous, Darley)
  • Hale, Waterous, CET Portable Pumps
  • Custom Skid Units
  • Hose and Supplies
  • On-Spot Chains and Rudd Chains Sales
  • Mobile or Shop Service
  • EVT Certified Technicians
  • Service available 24/7

Customers that we have completed service for:

Contact Us for more information or to get a quote.